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Born in Paris in 1980, Kim Badawi is American visual anthropologist of Egyptian and Slovenian background - who began his career photographing the plight of refugee families from Mississippi to Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans. 

Selected for publication, by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University, Kim’s work appears in 25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers exhibit and book. 

Badawi's The Taqwacores - a history of the American Muslim punk -was released by powerHouse Books, in Spring 2009 and since then has inspired a movie of the same name . 

His work in photography led him to all parts of Europe , North America , the Caribbean , the Middle East and now in Brazil . 

For prints and art please contact Galerie Rauchfield in Paris or TRAMAS in Rio de Janeiro.  

For editorial work and assignments is please contact Reportage by Getty Images in New York. 



For more of mywork on Muslim punk rock please visit here