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Editorial Assignments: Le Monde: Arianna Huffington : "Media's Diva"

Luanched in 2005, The Huffington Post attracts 25 million visiteurs a month. A day in the life of Arianna Huffington,The "Arianna Huffington: Diva des Medias."

by Annick Cojean for Le Monde 2

<< The photographer - this gentle dreamer - had hoped

half an hour of calm to portray

the lady. A kind of head-to-face intimacy

in an improvised overlooking Ministudio

a large newsroom where fifty

Young people and journalists and trainees - to bend

stared elbow, helmet on head, screens of computers

tors. He had installed floodlights on a décor

neutral and proposed the two walls transparent veil

annuities to avoid meeting the eyes of

team. Unnecessary, had been told. Apparently,

the lady, accustomed to the projectors do not receive hate-

see the light in the midst of his troops.

She arrived late, but so warm and char-

praying that everything seemed auspicious. Immense, perched

on stiletto heels (the fashion section of its site

Yet advocates ballerinas), blond hair, medium length,

to brushing intimidating, she was cast in a dress

black designer who showed off a figure

powerfully sculpted Pilates exercises. She hesitated

two necklaces with several rows of green stones

and red. "What do you think?" She asked simply

ment. The photographer pointed the finest. "The subject of the photo is you, Arianna. The collar! "Alas! Two

déboulèrent fanatics in the studio when she

designated as "designers" and, after pushing the

shrieks of ecstasy at the elegance of the model -

"That dress! What style! You are literally fabulous

Arianna! "- And took everyone to witness -" Is this

it is not sexy? At 60, it's class! There is nothing

more powerful than an intelligent woman well dressed! >>

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