Kim Badawi

Editorial Assignments: New York Magazine: Illegal Immigrants Workers: New York Magazine

There are 2.9 million immigrants living in New York today, more than a third of the city’s population, and one out of every six of them is undocumented. Legal or not, immigrants are good for New York. They stabilize the population ..."

Because We Proudly Harbor Illegal Immigrants

Published Dec 17, 2007- click here

New York Magazine.
View from inside a day-labor Center in Long Island City, NY.
40th Road and West Street junction. Long Island City. NY
Yang, 40, illegal Chinese immigrant who works at a small restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.
Leonis, 42, illegal immigrant works as a school janitor in East Harlem, New York.
Jesus, 30, illegal Mexican immigrant who works at a Brooklyn bakery.
Mexican immigrant who works at a small Arabic
Jonas, 28, illegal immigrant from Lithuania works as a project manager for a construction company in New York.
Lee, 35, illegal immigrant from South Africa lives on the Upper West Side of New York.